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How much money are you losing, 

because your sales team is not selling 

like you know they should?

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Let Us Manage Your Sales Team and Prepare Your Business For Explosive Growth!

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American Success Educators Corporation

American Success Educators Corporation (ASE Corporation) officially launched in August of 1992 on the 15th Floor of The Chiquita Center in Cincinnati.  Doug Brooks is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ASE Corporation. For the past 28 years ASE Corporation has produced and successfully delivered thousands of on-site and public seminars throughout 48 states and four countries.  Our audience has consisted of many of the great American and International companies. The majority of the U.S. Fortune 1000 Companies have attended one or more of our programs. In addition thousands of small businesses, civic and charitable organizations as well as many of the nations top leaders and entrepreneurs.  


Sales Management Outsourcing

  • Affordable Sales Management Outsourcing
  • World Class - Razor Sharp Sales Coaching
  • Razor Sharp Sales Training
  • Sales Process Analysis and Implementation
  • CRM and Sales Exploder 90 


Sustainability - Long Term Business Growth

  • Messerable Performance Management
  • Sales Exploder Growth Forecasts 
  • Strategic Proven Marketing  
  • Business Growth Specialist 
  • CRM and Process Implementation 

Let us turn your sales team into a razor sharp $ales force

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The Great People Skills Seminar
The Razor Sharp Weekly International Sales Teleconference Call
The Razor Sharp Top 13
Razor Sharp Presentation Skills

The March 2020 featured public seminar


The Razor Sharp Presentation Skills Seminar

Razor Sharp Sales Management

Razor Sharp Presentation Skills Seminar

Group Workshop or One on One Coaching

  • Executive Presentation Skills Coaching​
  • Custom Team Presentation Skills Coaching
  • One Day Custom On-Site Presentation Skills
  • Five Day - Intensive Presentation Skills Program
  • Download MP3 Audio Workshop with PDFs

Learn Razor Sharp Presentation Skills

  • Learn to present technical information clearly, concisely and persuasively
  • Learn a variety of persuasive techniques
  • Learn to speak with improved projection, pace and articulation
  • Learn to overcome anxiety and nervousness
  • Learn to develop a specific plan of action for each presentation
  • Learn to eliminate distracting mannerisms and body language, eye contact and tone of voice

Much more, request a custom onsite workshop, coaching session or download your MP3 audio and workbook today!

American success educators corporation (ASE Corporation)

Sales Management Specialist - Since 1992